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Trailer: A24’s ‘The Beach’ Promises a ‘New, Sensory’ Week-Long Movie Experience Unlike Any Other

The trailer for A24’s The Beach can best be described as “vibes.” We’ve got a guy, some chickens, a crab and a whole mood. It all looks and sounds spectacular — this is A24 after all — but it’s not entirely clear what it is. It’s being billed as a “continuous week-long streaming event” that you can watch in A24’s digital streaming room, which presumably means you can check in and out as you like and inhabit the world of a solitary man and the world he’s built for himself. Here’s the official description.

Created and directed by one of Australia’s most celebrated filmmakers, Warwick Thornton, THE BEACH is the soulful journey of a man who has chosen to give up life in the fast lane and decamp to an isolated beach in an attempt to transform his life through the healing power of nature. Featuring winning performances from an ensemble of nature’s finest — and Michelin star-worthy catch and cook meals — this infinitely-looping experience is an exquisitely shot and unexpectedly moving feast for the senses.

The trailer itself is actually three 60-second shorts that give you a good idea of what you’re in for if you choose to take a peak at The Beach. Will it be a week of loops? Or an actual cut-and-edited week-long movie about life on the beach? Only one way to find out but kudos to A24 for being willing to take a chance on it.

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