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Trailer: Space Travel Means Tough Ethical Decisions in Netflix’s ‘Stoaway’

Of all the rough places to fall asleep, a rocket to Mars might be the worst. And as if that’s not rough enough, now the crew has to figure out how to handle a fourth member on a mission with enough life support for three. Time to draw straws, baby!

That’s the basic premise of Stowaway, which puts astronauts Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim and Toni Collette in outer space with our titular stowaway Shamier Anderson. It’s written and directed by Joe Penna, who’s making a name for himself directing lean, intimate fights for survival (his 2018 Arctic starring Mads Mikkelsen deserved a bigger audience than it got) so let’s hope Netflix gave him lots of room to work here. It’ll drop on April 22.

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