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Want to See What the New Batmobile Looks Like?

Filmmaker Matt Reeves has posted new images from his upcoming The Batman, and we finally get to see what the new Batmobile looks like. If Batman’s gonna get around Gotham, he’s gonna do it like this.

Unlike Christopher Nolan’s take on the Dark Knight, the Reeves’ Batman—played by Robert Pattinson—is a less polished crimefighter, forgoing the high-tech, tactical look for a more gritty DIY approach.

The photos Reeves shared on Twitter show a hot rod-style, blacked-out sports car with a massive exposed engine. It’s a far cry from the military-ready urban warfare machine that Christian Bale used to blast around Gotham in.  It feels a little more Fast and the Furious than 1917, and incorporates Batman’s unbridled love for little details. It’s a good look.

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The Batman releases in June 2021. 

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