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MTV Is Rebooting ‘Fear Factor,’ and Ludacris Is Hosting It

Here’s some news: Fear Factor is coming back. And its new incarnation will be on MTV. Kind of interesting early 2000s nostalgia news, right? It gets more nostalgicy.

Set to host the show this time isn’t UFC’s Joe Rogan. No, this time it’s rapper Ludacris.

Here’s how Vulture describes the reboot:


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While the first iteration of Fear Factor featured contestants subjecting themselves to stunts that ranged from eating raw animal organs to walking on broken glass, the new show — which will retain the team format debuted in the show’s first revival — has more of a viral twist, drawing inspiration from “urban legends, scary movies, and online videos from the zeitgeist,” and playing with our attachment to technology.


Ludacris’s Fear Factor premieres on May 30.

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