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‘A Very RELEVANT Christmas, Part 2’ Is Here to Keep Your Christmas Spirit Alive

Obviously, it doesn’t feel a whole lot like Christmas for a lot of us. We’re still cancelling plans with family and friends, moving our Christmas parties to Zoom and then there’s some sort of shenanigans up with these electoral vote lawsuits. All of that can put a little damper on feeling festive, but there are plenty of ways to fight back. For example: a great soundtrack.

A Very RELEVANT Christmas, Part 2 is here to help get those warm and fuzzy holiday feels back where they belong. You already listened to all of Part One (didn’t you?). Now let this one get you through this week, featuring classics from artists we love like Judah and the Lion, Maverick City Music, Andrew Belle and the Head and the Heart.

Listen to the whole thing here on Spotify and stay tuned for further installments!

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