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Check Out the New Single From H.E.R. and Tauren Wells ‘Hold Us Together (Hope Mix)’

Today in collaborations we didn’t see coming, H.E.R. and Tauren Wells have dropped a new song called “Hold Us Together (Hope Mix).” It’s actually a remix of H.E.R.’s “Hold Us Together,” which she wrote for Disney’s Safety, but getting Wells on the mix adds a fun and unexpected dimension to the buoyant, inspirational number well worth a listen.

Both H.E.R. and Wells are Platinum certified, so their working together isn’t that surprising, but they do hail from different musical spheres, so it’s fun to see what their unique chemistry is capable of creating. H.E.R. is coming off a big Grammy win for Song of the Year for “I Can’t Breathe” and is up for an Oscar for “Fight For You,” which she wrote for Judas and the Black Messiah. 

Wells is also coming off a couple Grammy nominations (and dropped in on the RELEVANT Podcast last year), so this crossover catches both of them in the middle of a meteoric rise.

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