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Does NF Get Called Out on Eminem’s Diss Track ‘The Ringer’?

As you may have seen, this weekend Eminem released a surprise album called Kamikaze. One of the most-talked about songs is a diss-track called “The Ringer,” in which Eminem goes after some of the biggest names in hip-hop.

The song, and the insults, are pretty terrible, and most of the song comes across as an aging star getting mad at young artists for no real reasons.

But one of the artists called out alongside Lil Yachty, Lil Pump and others is—possibly—NF, a rapper known for sharing his Christian faith in his music. As Rapzilla notes, at the end of one of the verses, he referenced “aN eFFing Recovery clone of me.” (Recovery is the name of the 2010 album that had a collection of pop-friendly songs including “Not Afraid” and “Love the Way You Lie.”) (H/T Rapzilla.) Considering the album has dozens of F-bombs, the use of the term “effing” is an interesting choice.

It should also be noted, NF bears a resemblance to Eminem:

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Leading up to the line, Eminem raps that fan sent him a copy “Of The Mathers LP to tell me to study, it will me get back to myself” but says “if I did that I’d just be like everyone else in the f******* industry, especially an effing Recovery clone of me.”

You can judge for yourself if the line is really meant to be a jab at NF, but listen at your own risk—the song has a ton of profanity and frankly, gross language.


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