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Here’s RELEVANT’s Quarantunes Mix to Get You Through Your Week

Hey, quick question: what day is it? Honestly, the new normal is starting to feel like the regular normal, and the regular normal is just a weird version of the usual normal, if that makes sense. Most U.S. states are starting to edge towards a slow, mostly cautious re-opening, but the looming threat of COVID-19 remains an ever-present threat over our jobs, friendships and social obligations.

One of the few things that can keep you feeling normal even in tough times is music and fortunately, 2020’s been pretty solid on that front. In the interest of helping everyone else stay safe, sane, entertained and maybe even a little encouraged on lockdown, here’s a list of RELEVANT’s Quarantunes — some songs that have been an important part of our quarantine experience, featuring the likes of Haim, Phantogram, Lecrae, Fiona Apple and lots more. We’ll plan on updating this mix regularly with new songs as we come across them, so don’t forget to follow it if you want to stay on top of our listening habits.

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