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Let the Pure Wholesomeness of an Army of Children Singing ‘Old Town Road’ Wash Over You


On Wednesday, country/hip-hop viral sensation and seemingly unending font of pure goodness Lil Nas X surprised a sea of children at Cleveland’s Lander Elementary School with a live performance of “Old Town Road.”

True, you may have had the song stuck in your head on repeat for the last few weeks but you’ve never heard it like it, with an army of children shrieking along with a zeal to rival the Beatlemania of their grandparents’ age.

You can watch the whole thing on Complex’s Insta but for right now, let’s just check the highlights. First of all, cover your ears and witness the unmitigated delight firehosing from these kids’ throats when they see Lil Nas X.

And then, the main event: “Old Town Road” itself, which you have probably heard countless times and yet, in some ways, this may well be the first time you’ve actually heard it as it was meant to be sung: by wave after wave of the next generation.

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Do not miss the young man near the front in gray, who is absolutely killing it.

The whole thing presumably began when a viral video taken by Lander Principal Felecia Evans showed the kids losing it to a track “Old Town Road” in the gymnasium.


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