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Nothing Can Prepare You for This Spooktacular Halloween Cover of dcTalk’s ‘Jesus Freak’

American Christians are known for a sort of complicated relationship with Halloween. In some circles, a celebration of ghosty ghoulies is seen as an affront to heavenly meditations Christians are supposed to have. In others, well, Halloween is fun and as long as you’re not trying to summon the actual, you know devil, you’re probably fine. You might think it’d be impossible to find compromise between those two camps but, hold up, what will people think, what will people do, if they find out that there is a SPOOKY HALLOWEEN COVER OF “JESUS FREAK” by dcTALK and you can listen to it right now?

This unholy Frankenstein’s creation comes to us from San Diego’s Holy Ghost Stories, who released a single 2018 EP full of this Halloween creepies meets Christian content energy. The project’s Bandcamp site says the music was “made for the people who weren’t allowed to celebrate Halloween.” No lie: it’s kinda fun. The mix of 60s surf rock, Bible stories and cheeky Boris Karloff-type Haunted House trappings is definitely a novelty, but it’s self aware enough to work for the season. Fans of Ryan Gosling’s old Dead Man’s Bones project ought to give it a spin.

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