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Watch Jars of Clay’s Guitarist Absolutely Shred to Kick Off a Soccer Game While Dressed Up as Moses

Nashville, Tennessee’s soccer team, the Nashville Soccer Club, kicks off every home game in a very Nashville way: with a Gibson Guitar Riff. One Nashville fan will take a few seconds to shred on a Gibson before the teams gets going, offering a Music City blessing ahead of the festivities.

Last weekend’s big matchup featured a Gibson Guitar Riff from none other than Stephen Mason, who you might know as the lead guitarist for Jars of Clay but who Nashville Soccer Club fans know as die-hard fan Soccer Moses — the wild-haired prophet of goals. Just watch.

Jars of Clay fans might catch a few seconds of “Flood” at the beginning of the riff before Soccer Moses goes full “Come Together” — albeit a little more Joe Cocker than John Lennon.

When he’s not recording with Jars of Clay or liberating goals from the sidelines, Mason works as a master barber at his barbershop, the Handsomizer. He’s a big soccer fan and the whole Soccer Moses thing originally started as a goof, but it’s become a key mainstay at matches both home and on the road, with Mason hoisting his “Let My People Goal” sign aloft not unlike the actual Moses’ staff, which held the sun in place for the armies of Israel. You can read more about the Soccer Moses origin story in this very entertaining profile.

Check out Jars of Clay’s most recent album Inlandia here.

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