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NBC Is Making a TV Show About a Real-Life Crime-Fighting Pastor

Kalvin Cressel is a pastor of Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church in California who also worked as a special agent, taking on Compton’s gangs. Sound like a TV show? Well, you’re apparently not the only one who thinks so, because NBC is making one about Cressel’s life, according to Deadline. It’ll be called Spirit of the Law, and it’s being produced by DeVon Franklin, who’s fresh off producing The Star. Franklin posted about how excited he was for the gig on Instagram.


Cresson talked a little about how he managed two careers at once, according to this LA Focus interview highlighted by Christian Post.

“It’s difficult to do everything and give it your fullest,” Cresson said. “My wife and I both have these full-time careers and both of our jobs are very demanding,” he said. “Balancing that along with the ministry and a family—it takes doing things ahead of time. We have to make sure that whenever we have any down time we take advantage of that.”

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