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Netflix: Good News, Binge Watching TV Shows Is Healthy!

This is great news! According to a new, unbiased, groundbreaking, totally-scientific study by a research firm called—get this—Netflix, binge watching your favorite TV shows for hours on end can actually be healthy! From the study:

According to a recent survey among 1,000 US Internet users conducted by Netflix, Inc. more than 50% of respondents were willing to exercise while binge watching instead of slouching on the couch … In the same survey, nearly half (45%) of respondents agreed they would be more motivated to exercise if they had access to their favorite TV shows on-demand and commercial free while working out.

Even “celebrity fitness expert and New York Times bestselling author” Harley Pasternak agrees! “I call it the Netflix fitness effect. My clients [like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Kanye West] have been working out with Netflix for years … Whether you’re watching at home doing resistance exercises or taking your tablet or phone to the gym, Netflix gives people an extra reason to sweat.” See, watching nine consecutive hours of Breaking Bad is basically like running a marathon. So what are you waiting for? Start your 2014 with a resolution to finally get in shape, and update your que with the latest season of New Girl. It’s time to get healthy America! …

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