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New Episodes of ‘Making a Murderer’ Might Be Coming to Netflix

There may soon be an update to Netflix’s true crime series Making a Murderer. One of the show’s creators told audiences at the Television Critics Association this weekend, “We’ve had several telephone conversations with Steven Avery and did record those calls with an eye toward using them in future episodes.” Since the show released, there have been several significant updates to the case of Steven Avery, the man convicted of murdering Teresa Halbach. Avery previously spent 18 years in prison for a rape he did not commit, and was in the process of suing the local police for millions of dollars when he was arrested for the murder.

The filmmakers spent nearly a decade recording interviews with the individuals effected by the case. In recent weeks, Avery has filed a new appeal of his conviction and is receiving new legal assistance. Though the filmmakers did not give an indication of when the new episode would be made available, they suggested that the series may become an “ongoing” documentary.

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