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New Smartphone App Will Let You Buy and Sell Leftover Food

Is your massive plate of pasta from the Cheesecake Factory a little too much to handle in one sitting? A new smartphone app hopes to let users who find themselves with leftovers make money off their uneaten food. LeftoverSwap allows users to upload pictures of unfinished meals (along with a location), and let other nearby users bid on it. Though germaphobes may find the idea a little ambitious, the company says that their goal is to encourage community-oriented transactions and help eliminate food waste. The app makers say that because 40% of the food we produce is wasted and 25% of Americans don’t know their own neighbors’ names, their app offers a perfect solution to our modern social problems. The site also said there’s another good reason to start using the app: “There’s less waste and fewer people picking through dumpsters: a win-win”…

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