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Nickelodeon Stopped Programming for 17 Minutes to Support Student Protesters

Yesterday, Nickelodeon went silent for 17 minutes in solidarity with student protesters nationwide who walked out of class as a statement against gun violence.

For those 17 minutes, a message was on screen that read: “In support of the kids leading the way today, Nickelodeon will be off the air until 17 minutes past the hour.” The gesture was a reference to the 17-minute walkouts happening around the country Wednesday, one minute for every person killed in the Parkland shooting last month.

Some people on Twitter praised the channel, citing an emotional response over something they experienced as kids making a positive social impact on a new generation.

Others, however, weren’t as supportive, saying Nickelodeon crossed an inappropriate boundary by bringing justice issues before the eyes of their kids without their consent.

Nickelodeon was joined in its programming pause by other Viacom channels including MTV, BET and Comedy Central. MTV had students take over its official Twitter account as well.

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