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North Korea Is Declaring War Over Seth Rogen and James Franco’s New Comedy

It shouldn’t be a huge surprise that North Korean authorities are not too happy about an upcoming movie from Seth Rogen and James Franco, in which the pair play a duo of media personalities who set out to assassinate dictator Kim Jong Un. But, apparently, simply screening The Interview is now being considered an “act of war.” In a statement published by AFP, the country threatened a “resolute and merciless response” if the U.S. government doesn’t ban the film, adding, “The act of making and screening such a movie that portrays the attack on our top leadership … is a most wanton act of terror and act of war, and is absolutely intolerable.” Ironically an unofficial spokesperson for the country said that Kim does plan on watching The Interview when it releases later this year. If they’re upset about this film, than evidently they haven’t seen The Guilt Trip—a truly offensively bad movie that global audiences are still enraged over being subjected to …

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