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Not a Drill: The ‘Hamilton’ Movie Is Finally Happening, With the Original Broadway Cast

Alert! Drop what you’re doing! This is real! Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now!

After years of impossibly priced tickets, lines around the block and some unprecedented word-of-mouth buzz, Hamilton is finally coming to a theater near you in October of next year. Yes!

This is how good life can be! Based on this, it looks like we’re getting less of a “film adaptation” of Lin Manuel-Miranda’s famous musical spin on the life of one of America’s wildest founders than a straight film of the stage musical itself. Given some of the recent shenanigans with Cats, that’s probably the right call.

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Disney reportedly shelled out a whopping $75 million for the rights, which was shot before the original cast took their final bow. Apparently, the movie will take a traditional theatrical run in October and will then pop up on Disney+, meaning Disney+ subscribers will have a truly unique cultural zeitgeist at their fingertips for the rest of their lives.

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