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Oh, Great: An Ancient Japanese ‘Killing Stone’ That Legend Said Contained an Evil Demon Just Broke Open

There is a lot going on right now and we don’t want anyone to panic but we do want to keep you informed. So if you have a little extra space for one extra thing to juggle right now, here it is: An evil demon that’s been locked up for nearly a thousand years is on the lam.

That’s according to an ancient Japanese legend, which held that a “killing stone” in the mountains of Tochigi, near Tokyo has been the prison of a nine-tailed fox named Tamomo-No-Mae. Apparently, Tamomo-No-Mae can take the form of a beautiful woman, a power it used in an attempt to seduce and assassinate Emperor Toba, ruler of Japan from 1107 to 1123. The plan failed and the creature was locked up in a volcanic rock called the Sessho-seki.

But — and nobody panic here — but that rock has been split asunder, presumably releasing whatever infernal powers it contained. Although, to be fair, one look at how things are going here in 2022, and it may decide to go back to the rock and try again in a different eon.

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Japanese officials say the stone, which has become popular with tourists, has been cracking for several years due to rainwater.

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