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Original Authors Loved the New ‘Left Behind’ Remake

It seems that Nicolas Cage has won over even his most fierce critics. According to a post on the film’s Facebook page, the authors of the original Left Behind novels, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, were treated to an early screening of the movie remake, and gave the epic “two enthusiastic thumbs up,” adding, “It’s better than good.” Too which we add, “obviously.” Last year, after first reading the script, LaHaye blasted the movie, telling The Christian Post, “It’s probably the worst script I’ve ever read. And I’ve read scores of them.” To no surprise to anyone who has seen the work of Cage on the big screen, his performance has redeemed even the most loathsome screenplay, turning it into a cinematic masterpiece for the ages. After all, there are only two kinds of movie critics: Those who love Nicolas Cage, and those who haven’t seen his movies yet …

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