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Our National Nightmare Is Over: SkyMall May Be Returning Soon

After months of uncertainty as to how consumers could possibly combine shopping for absurd gadgetry with air travel, our national nightmare has ended. A company called C&A Marketing has purchased SkyMall at a bankruptcy auction for $1.9 million and plans on trying to revive the catalog. The company’s executive vice president and co-owner Chaim Pikarski told AZCentral.com that their vision is to return SkyMall to its high-flying glory: “We’ll look at the broader travel experience and see what we can inject. A lot of the products we source, design and sell are similar to what SkyMall does. We understand that business. We have many of these products.” It’s time to put down your iPhones and stow your Kindles, America. Next time you fly, SkyMall may just be there waiting for you …

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