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Play ‘Wes Anderson Bingo’ with this Board and Any Anderson Film

As if watching a Wes Anderson movie isn’t already enjoyable enough, Slate has updated their Wes Anderson Bingo boards (with new Grand Budapest Hotel references) that turn viewings into fan competitions. Here’s how it works:

Just watch any Wes Anderson movie, and whenever you spot one of Anderson’s trademarks, click that square to place a special Wes Anderson chip. (You can also print out a set of boards and chips to play offline.) Be the first to get five in a row and shout out “Bingo!” (or, if you prefer, “Hotbox!”) and you’ve won.

The boards, which can be randomized and printed out over on Slate, are full of Anderson-movie staples like “Futura Typeface,” “Owen Wilson” and “Slow-Mo Shot Set to Music” making all future theater showings of Moonrise Kingdom or Rushmore film-nerd Bingo parlors …

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