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Pleygo: The Netflix of Legos

There are few things in life more satisfying than completing a complex Lego creation. But for kids who constantly want to try and build new sets, or adults who like to recreate elaborate, 3,800-piece Star Wars-themed spaceships over the course of a weekend (we’re not judging), it can be an expensive hobby. (The aforementioned Death Star costs $400!) That’s why a new company called Pleygo has figured out a way to make playing with Legos more affordable. For a monthly fee, subscribers are sent Lego sets based on their queue. When they return the sets, Pleygo counts all of the pieces, sanitizes the set, and sends it to another subscriber, so Lego fans always have new Legos to play with. And don’t worry, if a few bricks go missing in the process (which, lets be honest, is impossible to not do), you won’t get charged extra …

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