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Red Sox Player Mookie Betts Wins the World Series, Then Goes to Feed the Homeless

Mookie Betts is well-known for how much he enjoys food. After winning Game 2 of the World Series this weekend over the Dodgers, the Red Sox player arrived at his home to a celebration—complete with huge amounts of Dominican food.

He knew he would never finish it all, so he and his cousin went downtown at one in the morning to hand out trays to homeless people sitting outside Boston Public Library, just hours after his team’s win.

Mike Winter, club promoter in the area, told Boston’s WEEI that he was leaving a nightclub nearby when he saw Betts with a shopping cart full of trays of food. Winter says that he approached the player to say hello, but then other early morning revelers also started noticing they had a hero in their midst. Once Betts started gaining attention, he walked away, “no pictures, no nothing.”

“None of the homeless even knew who he was… they were just grateful for what he was doing,” Winter said. “A lot of people are looking for a pat on the back and he wasn’t looking for that whatsoever. He was incognito just trying to do good.”

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