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Report: Half of Millennials Would Give Up Voting Rights for Erased Student Loans

Student loan debt continues soaring and for many graduates and millennials, it’s becoming unmanageable with median monthly payments of $222.

So, it’s probably not a surprise that many millennials would give up some luxuries—and some rights.

According to a study by loan company Credible, 49.8 percent of people surveyed would exchange the right to vote in the 2020 and 2024 presidential elections to have their loan debt canceled.

Only 13 percent said they would give up texting and other phone messaging for a year to get rid of their debt.

When asked what concessions they could make for five years; either moving in with their parents or not traveling internationally, only 27 and 42 percent respectively would be willing to make the exchange.

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Forty-three percent would be willing to give up Uber and Lyft forever to have their debt forgiven.

Surprisingly, 8 percent said they’d rather keep all of those things and just pay off their debt monthly.

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