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A Reporter Awesomely Live-Tweeted the Budding Plane Romance of Two ORU Students

In the past few years, Twitter has made eavesdropping a public event. But, although that can be slightly creepy, it turns out that’s not always a bad thing. When Fox reporter Martina Del Bonta overheard two ORU students striking up a conversation at her airport terminal, she started live-tweeting about the conversation, joking, “I hope I can be at their wedding.” But soon, she was invested, cataloguing their somewhat awkward attempts to flirt with the hashtag #ORUSingle. Over the course of the flight, her tweets got the potential couple free tickets from a concert venue, free dinner from Southwest and even a free pizza. By the time the couple picked up their bags, they’d exchanged numbers and agreed to go on a date—and they’d also become a trending topic. You can read the whole saga here.

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