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Research: Chip Gaines Is the Most Popular Celebrity Among Christians

The entertainment market research group E-Poll has released the findings of a new study that looked at the popularity of celebrities among faith-based audiences.

Using metrics that evaluate the appeal of celebrities among American consumers, the research group broke down the audience segment of “respondents over the age of 13 who describe themselves as ‘attending regular services for my faith.’”

Coming in a No. 1 on the “Appeal” ranking was the star of the home renovation show Fixer Upper, Chip Gaines. His wife and co-star Joanna Gaines came in at No. 8.

Actor Tyrese Gibson came in second, followed by the Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Sean Connery (?), NCIS’s Pauley Perrette, swimmer Katie Ledecky, Joanna Gaines, Betty White and the other NCIS star, Michael Weatherly.

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Overall, the list seems kind of random, but offers interesting insights into the entertainment preferences of religious audiences—mainly, that they really like NCIS.

You can go here to see the full list.

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