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Research: Employees Who Goof Around on Smartphones Are Good for Business

If you spend a portion of your workday looking at Facebook on your iPhone, you may actually be helping your company out. According to a new study from a team at Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, “Having workers take small breaks on their phones throughout the day may positively influence their perceived well-being at the end of the workday.” They observed that employees who played games, browsed the web (presumably reading Slices on RELEVANTmagazine.com) and texted friends for about 20 minutes throughout the day, tended to be more happy and just as productive as non-phone-using workers. The most happy employees though, were the ones who used social media. “If they are happy with social activities and employers know that, they may want to use the phone for those purposes during microbreaks in the future” …

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