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Robin Thicke’s #AskThicke Went Predictably Poorly

Robin Thicke is not having a good year, and it’s all his fault. The backlash against his misogynistic, sexually exploitive “Blurred Lines” video has lasted far longer than its early popularity. And his new album, Paula—which seems to be some sort of strained attempt to win back his estranged wife—is coming across as manipulative and creepy. Thicke is acting pretty sleazy. So who knows why VH1 thought it was good idea to ask fans to submit questions to Thicke over Twitter for a promotional stunt?

It was a monumental backfire, any way you look at it. Twitter was eager to give Thicke a taste of his own medicine with shots like “What form of sexual or emotional abuse will you be normalising in your next jaunty hit?” to “There’s no need to #AskThicke. You know he wants it.” As a matter of fact, there didn’t seem to be hardly any genuine questions from real fans in the hashtag, which is not a great sign for a pop artist looking to score another hit, but is good news for anyone who likes their summer pop songs free of misogyny …

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