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A Robot Generated a Fake Coachella Lineup With Bands Like Horse Choir, Smushy Twin and Hoop of Gomb

One type of computer learning algorithm is called a neural network. Neural networks simulate brain activity by trying to make connections between different data points and using those connections to create original “ideas” (but think of those ideas as crowd-sourced from a bunch of external sources).

The technology is pretty impressive, but sometimes it can be used for pretty silly things. Botnik Studios used neural networking to create a fake Coachella lineup, where a computer read a bunch of past festival lineups and essentially came out with a ton of fake band names. Here, look:

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Highlights the program came up with: Headliners Fanch, One of Pig and Lil Hack, plus deeper lineup participants like Da-Chinger, Baddwurds, Max Beaf, Screepy Boys and Jonathan Is High.

Technology is amazing. How people use it is even better.

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