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‘Rolling Stone’ Owner Decides His Son Should Run the Website

Are you a fresh out-of-college kid with no appreciable work history other than your alt-country band to your name? Well, don’t let that get you down. Sure, it’s a tough job market out there for “creatives,” but just look at the happy story of one Gus Wenner, who just graduated from college and was promptly handed the keys to Rolling Stone‘s website. He doesn’t have much experience, but his youth didn’t keep the head honcho of Rolling Stone, Jann Wenner, from seeing the bright talent inside Gus. And who should know better than Jann, seeing as Gus is his son? Rolling Stone online staffers woke this morning to an email from their company’s owner, announcing that their new boss was a 22-year-old new college grad. Just goes to show that hard work and passion can get you anywhere in life …

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