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Ryan Gosling Clearly Can’t Find a Date to His Own Movie Premiere

Think of the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you, multiply it by tripping in front of your crush and add forgetting all your clothes before you leave the house and you might get the tiniest taste of what celebrity laughingstock Ryan Gosling endured when he couldn’t find a single nice girl to take to the Gangster Squad premiere. Instead, Donna Gosling, his no-doubt-equally-embarrassed mother, filled the role. Just a mother trying her best to keep her son from looking like the miserable shut-in that he is, in a move that is definitely humiliating and certainly not completely charming and adorable and an inspiration to every movie star and son out there to treat their mothers with the respect they deserve. In a red carpet interview, Gosling made mention of some alleged girlfriend he took to calling “Eva Mendes” who couldn’t make it. Sure. A mystery girl just too busy to make it to your film premiere. Sounds totally legit, Gosling. Give this “Ms. Mendes” a big hello from everyone when/if she shows up …

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