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The Church of Scientology Loses Another Celebrity

Leah Remini—star of King of Queens but forever known as Stacy Carosi on Saved by the Bellhas publicly left the Church of Scientology with which she has been long associated, and a very troubling story is emerging along with her. Remini is saying that the Church of Scientology subjected her to several years of interrogation intended to break her spirit—and it all started with a seemingly harmless question at Tom Cruise’s wedding. Obviously. It seems like every sad story about Scientology has a tie to Tom Cruise’s romantic life.

At the wedding, Remini supposedly asked former Scientology Celebrity Centre(?) head Tommy Davis where his wife Shelly was. In response, Davis shrieked, “You don’t have the [expletive] rank to ask about Shelly!” Since then, Remini’s been repeatedly harassed by the Church, culminating in being sent to Clearwater for something called “Thought Checking.” Now, she’s joining a small number of celebrities (including Lisa Marie Presley, Neil Gaiman and Crash director Paul Haggis) who’ve left Scientology, though she still claims to believe in L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings.

For the record, Remini’s question about Davis’ wife was a fair one. Shelly Miscavige has only been seen in public once since 2006, and nobody has any idea where on earth she is …

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