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Segway Polo Is Now an Actual Sport

Do you hate running, enjoy expending as little energy as possible and love expensive technology but just can’t find a physical sport that appeals to you? Good news, according to this story from Mashable, Segway Polo may be the next big thing. Segway Polo championships have been happening since 2006, but recently the sport received new credibility when it was endorsed by the brand Segway. Now, the “Woz Cup” (named for Segway enthusiast and sport fan, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak), has an official governing body, 22-page official rulebook and a growing fanbase. Even though a Segway polo player claimed the game is“one of the fastest growing sports in the world”, obviously it has some high barriers of entry, considering a Segway cost about $7,000. Though the game’s advocates are hoping that one day Segway will provide the vehicles for matches, until then, it remains the true sport of kings Although it does sound really fun to watch. The most insane quote from the story: “Although direct contact is forbidden, each game requires an ambulance on-site” …

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