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‘Serial’ Update: Attorney Claims New Evidence Could Overturn Adnan Syed’s Conviction

There’s hope still for Adnan Syed—the mysterious central figure in the Serial podcast. Today, his attorney, C. Justin Brown, filed a motion in court claiming that the cellphone data used to convict Syed was unreliable. If you remember, in the trial, incoming calls to Syed’s phone seemed to place him at the scene of crime where Hae Min Lee died. Brown now says that back in 1999, only outgoing calls could track locations, not incoming ones. A fax cover sheet from AT&T reads: “Outgoing calls only are reliable for location status. Any incoming calls will NOT be considered reliable information for location,” according to Brown’s motion. “If properly raised at trial, much of, if not all of, the cellular evidence would have been rendered inadmissible,” he wrote. He told The Baltimore Sun, “We feel that the fax cover sheet from AT&T is an extremely important piece of evidence and we are bringing it to the court’s attention as quickly as possible. We hope the court considers it.”

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