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Sign of the Apocalypse: Scrabble Will Now Allow Players to Use ‘Selfie,’ ‘Bromance’ and ‘Chillax’

Scrabble has just updated its official “Player’s Dictionary” for the first time in nearly a decade, and its latest additions are sad signs of the times we live in. Players can now legally use words including “selfie,” “bromance,” “frenemy” and “chillax” to score points in what was once a respectable, somewhat high-minded board game that encouraged players to utilize a large vocabulary and proper spelling. Also on the list are a handful of words that appear to be created by someone who has at least heard of the Internet—but probably only from startup press releases written in 2004 and the film The Net: “Webzine,” “vodcast” (?),” “joypad,” and “vlog” are among the words that no one has ever actually used to describe things associated with modern technology …

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