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So, How Exactly Is this ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Movie Going to Work?

There’s a good chance that at some point as a kid, you got your hands on a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book from your elementary school library, the annual book fair or a coveted Scholastic catalog. According to THR, now the classic series is being adapted for Hollywood with screenwriting help from the team behind the Night at the Museum franchise and Reno 911. Though they’ll have plenty of material to choose from (there were almost 200 CYOA books published during their ‘80s heyday with titles like You Are a Shark and The Magic Path), the format doesn’t exactly lend itself to the big screen. As any child of the ‘80s or ‘90s knows, the books let readers actually determine the fate of characters by skipping ahead to chapters that reflect the decisions you prefer. Unless there’s some new cool, technology we are not aware of, this seems pretty difficult to convey in a movie theater …

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