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So Kevin Sorbo’s New ‘Faith-Based’ Movie Is Giving Away an Assault Rifle as Part of a Promotion

Actor Kevin Sorbo stars in a new “pro-Second Amendment, faith-based action movie,” and to promote The Reliant, the filmmakers have launched an extremely controversial giveaway: They are giving away an actual AR-15 that was used in the movie.

Here’s a description of the movie:


When the dollar collapses, widespread rioting and looting occurs, and five children tragically lose their parents in the chaos. Armed with a couple of their Dad’s weapons, they struggle to survive in a stretch of woods on the outskirts of their burning town. Facing starvation and threats from encroaching gangs, they begin to doubt God’s love. Upon whom will they be reliant?


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The movie is based on a screenplay by a man named Dr. Patrick Johnston, who also produced it. On the movie’s IndieGoGo site, he says he is “a family practice physician, the father of ten home-educated children, a gun enthusiast and concealed carrier, and is the author of ten novels and two screenplays.” 

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