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So, ‘Parks and Rec’ and ‘The Good Place’ Take Place in the Same Cinematic Universe?!

Parks and Recreation took place in the Indiana town of Pawnee, and was mostly grounded in reality. It was also created by Michael Schur. The Good Place follows Kristen Bell’s character as she navigates the afterlife while reckoning with the consequences of her life choices. It too was created by Michael Schur.

On the surface, their storylines don’t seem to have much in common. But, in a flashback, when Bell is remembering her time on earth, she is seen reading a trashy tabloid magazine at a grocery store.

On the back of that magazine there is an ad for a fragrance—a fragrance from Dennis Feinstein, the evil Pawnee entrepreneur and fragrance-industry kingpin!

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This easter egg seems to suggest that while she was alive, Bell’s Eleanor Shellstrop lived in the same world as Leslie, Ron and the gang.

However, it might also mean that Ben is a demon, so we’re just going to have to grapple with the implications of that.

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