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Southwest Airlines Coming Up Clutch to Save a Wedding Is Your Friday Feel-Good Story

Customer service isn’t dead, and neither is one couple’s dreams to have the Costa Rican wedding they’ve always wanted. When a bridesmaid landed in the Caribbean but realized she had accidentally left her dress in Houston, she sent out a cry for help, and the airline answered the call.

The bridesmaid’s desperate pleas were heard far and wide in the Twitterverse, and when the news reached the ears of Southwest Airlines, they sprung into action. They located the dress from one of the bridesmaid’s friends, put it on the next flight out and tweeted a tracking number so people could follow along.

When the dress was en route, confirmation came through the social media wire. Southwest told local news station KHOU 11: “This bridesmaid story has a happy ending, and we’re thrilled to play a part in making this special day a success. Cheers to the happy couple—and one relieved bridesmaid.”

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