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Pro Sports Icons Zach and Julie Ertz Donated $10k to Replace a Local High School’s Stolen Football Equipment

Super Bowl champion Zach Ertz and his wife, world-champion soccer star Julie Ertz are investing in their community beyond the creation of their new philanthropic foundation.

The couple found out that Kensington High School in Philadelphia had had their football equipment stolen—$10,000 worth. The school had raised $4,000 of that back through a fundraiser, but the Ertzes stepped in and donated the whole amount. (h/t CBN News)

Ertz talked about the donation with SportsRadio 94 WIP.


This morning we woke up and realized for them to truly be set, they needed $10,000 total. So my wife and I decided that we were just gonna finish it off, give them $10,000 and just allow them to go back to playing football this year and not worry about an extra $5,000 being over their head and wondering where that money was going to come from.


The school’s assistant coach also talked to the outlet and gave some more context to what makes the donation even more remarkable: “I’ll say about 90 to 95 percent of my kids come from a broken home. So me and the coaches, we try the best we can, doing college tours, driving them, doing everything. We teach them there’s life outside of football. This is a brotherhood.”

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Kensington plays its first game with the new equipment Saturday.


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