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Starbucks Has Made a ‘Caramel Waffle Cone’ Frappuccino Proving Fraps Are Basically Liquid Candy

Starbucks has released a new Frappuccino flavor, and they are basically conceding that the beverage is a giant cup of dessert. Starting today, customers looking for a massive dose of both caffeine and sugar can order a “Caramel Waffle Cone” Frappuccino, which, is essentially “waffle cone syrup and dark caramel sauce” and coffee put into blender which is then “topped with whipped cream, waffle cone pieces and more dark caramel sauce.” Sure, it’s essentially a liquified ice cream cone with some coffee in it, but, the summer-only offering is still more creative than whatever “Pumpkin spice” is supposed to be. The 16oz Grande only contains 400 calories of sweet waffle cone deliciousness.

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