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‘Stranger Things’ Adds ‘Princess Bride’ Star Cary Elwes as Brand-New Character

Stranger Things is continuing its run at casting every ’80s icon it possibly can. Winona Ryder is already a series mainstay, and last season featured a welcome, charming turn from Sean Astin. The third season will add Cary Elwes (Princess Bride‘s Westley) as Mayor Kline. (h/t Deadline)

Also tapped for the new season of the show is Jake Busey, playing someone named “Bruce.” That’s all we know. Plot details of the new episodes are still deep under wraps, and we don’t know when the new episodes will return, either.

We do know the series might be back in production as we speak. Executive producer Shawn Levy said in March, “We are going back to work next month, and we’re super excited.” Can’t let those kids grow up too much!

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