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Sufjan Stevens: A ‘Christian Nation’ Is Absolutely Heretical

Singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens has posted another powerful mini-sermon
—this time, breaking down why it’s theologically problematic to conflate patriotism and nationalism with Christianity. It reads (in part):

You cannot pledge allegiance to a nation state and its flag in the name of God, for God has no political boundary. God is love, period …

“A ‘Christian Nation” is absolutely heretical. Christ did not come into this world to become a modifier. Look at what happened to the Holy Roman Empire …

To gain access to true love and true self, you must die to yourself, to your family, your heritage, your narrow-minded ideology, your ego, your ill-conditioned consciousness, and your false identity …

You must eradicate all the corrupt theological fear-mongering they preach from the pulpit and from behind the political podium. Get real and get right with god. Go in your closet and pray for your enemies.

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You can read the whole thing here.

Last week, Stevens wrote another open letter, addressed to “America” warning about God’s judgment on those who mistreat or abandon those in need.

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