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Taylor Swift’s New Album ‘Reputation’ Is Coming November 10 and You Can’t Stop It


For years, it’s been whispered about in dark corners, rumored about the halls of kings and princes. As time went on, history passed to legend and legend into myth. But there were those who always believed that one day, Taylor Swift would release a followup to 1989. And today, their beliefs have rewarded with an Instagram announcement. Yes, Swift is returning with a new album (Reputation), a release date (November 10) and a new single (Thursday, August 24).

We’ve also finally got the full image of that snake GIF Swift’s been putting together on her Instagram over the past few days, so if you aren’t terrified of snakes and want to see what that’s all about, head on over to her page. If you’re a big Swift fan, congratulations on your belief and many happy rewards. If you’re not, you can most assuredly find something better to do than make fun of people for liking something that they like.

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