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Watch: Awesome Drone Shows Replace 4th of July Fireworks for Special Needs Families

For families with children who have special needs and are sensitive to loud sounds or have members who may suffer from PTSD, loud firework displays can be an overwhelming experience.

However, this year, some cities around the country have found a way to still allow them to enjoy Fourth of July festivities: with synchronized, light-up drones. On one California military base, the Exceptional Family Member Program brought 1,000 families together for a special drone show.

And in many places in the western part of the country that are at risk for wildfires this time of year, cities have switched out the fireworks for the new high-tech shows.   

Intel’s drone group general manager explained to Wired: “A light show is a lot more than digitized fireworks. Fireworks have certain shapes and categorizations that come with what you can visualize with fireworks. You can do all that visualization with drones, as well, but a lot more. You can put letters, you can put logos and animations. You can put stories in the sky.”

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