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Terry Crews’ Assaulter Apologizes and Asks for Forgiveness In Letter to the Actor

Today, Terry Crews said he accepted an apology from Adam Venit now that the agent who assaulted him has resigned from his position. Crews said in a tweet that he received the letter from Venit in March.

Crews went public with his allegations against Venit last year, testifying before Congress for the rights of sexual assault victims and and speaking over and over about the culture of toxic masculinity that contributes to abuse. He made it clear in his tweets Friday that he only accepted Venit’s apology after the agent resigned.

You can read the full letter, and Crews’ tweet response, below:

In his letter to Crews, Venit said, “I have dedicated myself to spiritual self-discovery in an effort to be the best person I can be for the rest of my life, and hopefully make a difference to me, my family and everyone I know.” He asked for Crews’ forgiveness.

We don’t know what other correspondence Crews had with Venit, but we know here that this is a public statement from the actor that he wouldn’t relent until Venit was out of the position that enabled his abuse in the first place. It could be an important step in terms of what we should expect from abusers in terms of consequence.

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