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Here’s the Weird New twenty one pilots Video. Thoughts?

For their new album, TRENCH, twenty one pilots is being especially cryptic and strange. Their videos have been full of continuity and symbolism and now, their fourth advance track off the record has a video so simple it’s begging for a reading like, “no way this is all there is.”

Okay, so on the surface this is very nothing. It’s just Tyler Joseph (we think?) sitting in the production studio with what looks like a bass guitar jamming along to the song in the background (that’s “My Blood,” by the way). But if we look close, there’s some sound waves on the computer screen that don’t quite match the song. So maybe those mean something secret and coded about the band, or the album? Maybe that candle burning in the corner of the studio represents some kind of ever-burning fire in the soul, or eternal light to guide you toward purpose and meaning or away from darkness. We have our guesses.

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TRENCH comes out next month. We doubt it will give us lots of answers.

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