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‘The Office’s Fire Drill Scene Has Been Cut to Look Like a Horror Movie, and It Works

Peruse any list of the best The Office scenes of all time and Dwight’s insane fire drill sequence from the show’s post-Super Bowl special “Stress Relief” is almost certainly on there. It’s a bombastic, over-the-top, no-holds-barred opener that pushes the show’s boundaries in ways even longtime fans hadn’t seen before.

Now, someone’s gone and taken out all the jokes, and it still works…as a horror movie.

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Twitter user Austin Spencer removed all the jokes from the fire drill scene and added a creepy score to turn it into a miniature scary movie. Dwight becomes a psychopath. Michael becomes a desperate and weirdly compassionate boss. Everyone’s panic veers sharply away from funny and becomes much more intense.

Frankly, it’s a really great edit. And it pairs great with the show’s Scranton Strangler subplot and numerous conspiracy theories.

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