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The Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Medal of Honor’ Will Leave You In Awe of U.S. Veterans

The Medal of Honor is the highest honor in the United States military. It is awarded to servicemen and women who display incredible sacrifice in the field. That means the stories surrounding the award are often tragic, heroic, inspiring and utterly gripping.

Now, Netflix has turned those stories into a miniseries.

Medal of Honor is an eight-part anthology series from Netflix that, in each episode, uses a combination of documentary footage, in-person interviews and reenactment to depict stories of war that resulted in the Medal of Honor being awarded. It looks stirring, grand, totally patriotic and completely unabashed. You will probably cry watching this show.

But it’s not all abject rah-rah American heroism. The series is taking lengths to involve real veterans, eyewitnesses, historians and scholars to provide the full context of the amazing events within each story. Nothing here is touched up, is the impression. It’s just what happened. With stories like these, they should be able to speak for themselves anyway.

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You can find Medal of Honor on Netflix November 9, close to Veteran’s Day.

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